Discover our quality fabrics and haberdashery items. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sewer, we offer many kits and sets that are essential for your sewing projects.

Many tutorials are to come, we are only at the beginning of our adventure, but precisely, why not grow with you!

You want to create and customize a lot of things ?
We are delighted to offer you all the keys and tools to make your own designs, whatever your level!

Get started, we’re here for you !

Designers-factory reminds you every day that you are unique and talented and that you should simply take time for yourself.

Our team is at your service.

Creator of the brand designers-factory :

“This is the concept that brings together my passions: creation, sewing, the opportunity to share my knowledge. Searching for new fabrics, new design ideas, creating new patterns and thus being able to respond to the many requests of my customers. What touches me the most is when people send me pictures of creations made with my fabrics or my patterns, it’s so moving!”

Alexandra Siodmak

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